Vitamin D Video Review

Published on 01 of Feb., 2012

The producer is Thomas Braun, who retired as top pharmacist at Walgreens Pharmacy

Overview of DVD on Vitamin D by the author, Thomas Braun

2012 Update of Hello Sunshine A primer on Vitamin D focuses on the history of why 3 out of 4 Americans are deficient on Vitamin D and also explores the issue with presentations from Dr. Garland and Dr. Heaney who have devoted their medical career in researching the Vitamin D deficiency issue and what has to be done to reverse this medical travesty. Scientists now know that over 2400 genes require Vitamin D for normal biological function. Vitamin D deficiencies help contribute to the expression of different disease states and the impact on cancer and other major disease states is reviewed. New developments are addressed in this updated video. An informational video designed to motive individuals to have their blood value of Vitamin D determined and to take the appropriate treatment action with professional medical guidance.

Two minutes of the video on YouTube

He believes that Big Pharma, the FDA and Obamacare has lost their compass. 
He has made a web page showing how you can have a healthy long life thru nutrients and nutrition (N2) and exercise (E).

Watched the 1 hour video Feb 2012 
Nice introduction/overview of many of the vitamin D concerns
Probably covers more of the vitamin D topics than any other video I have seen
Includes videos of some of the vitamin D scientists 
Notes on topics covered: 
Cancer vs latitude 
Baggerly video 
Garland video 
We are now longer out in the sun 
Sun screen 
Spina Bifada analogy to vitamin D 1970 ==> 1996 FDA but only 1/4 as much as was needed. 
still have 1500 per year with spina bifida (this was news to Henry) 
Heaney video 
Colon cancer 
Prostate Cancer 
Lung Cancer 
Smoking reduces vitamin D 
Vitamin D needed to activate genes – genes needed due to stress, etc 
Have gone too far with the pendulum to avoid the sun – blocked all of the vitamin D from the sun 
Only thing listed in Physicians Desk Reference is Vitamin D2 
Doctors had been taught that > 1,000 IU vitamin D was toxic (as he had been) 
40-60 ng is the level he feels is correct 
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