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"The Travesty of Medicine in the 20th century is not to recognize the true value of "Vitamin D".

Which by the way... It is not a vitamin but an essential hormone."

"at Blood level of 52ng's the incident of breast cancer would drop in half... over 100,000 lives 
saved per year."

"Vitamin D is converted to the hormone calcitriol in the body and not by the skin"

"Over 2,400 of our genes need calcitriol to function normally."

By Thomas A. Braun RPH
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A Major Health Issue 
for the 21st Century

HELLO SUNSHINE explores the reasons why the majority of US citizens are deficient in Vitamin D, which is called the sunshine vitamin.

Over 200 million Americans need more Vitamin D to ward off disease states. Vitamin D is a key nutrient which helps the body to maintain a strong immune system plus Vitamin D has many more roles in the body.
Learn what the vitamin D scientists have discovered about Vitamin D in the last decade and what your options are if you are deficient. There are 1000’s of our genes that require Vitamin D to function properly. Learn how we can cut cancer rates in the United States in half. Thomas Braun RPh presents the facts in layman terms and provides direction for those interested in improving their health status.

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