My Hunt for the Tylenol Killer



The goal of this book is to bring the reader into a sphere of knowledge and enlightenment that has been gleaned from my lifetime career as a pharmacist in a unique position.  When I retired in 1993 as Marketing Director at Walgreens, my pharmaceutical buyers were buying two billion dollars a year from pharmaceutical manufacturers.  I could define myself as the biggest legitimate drug pusher in the United States at that time.

My view in my business career was that the pharmaceutical manufacturers and the FDA were acting in concert for the betterment of the health of all Americans.  This view was reinforced each time I sat in on a business review and heard in glowing terms the progress and bright future that laid ahead in curing and treating patient’s illnesses.  Weekly, new drugs were introduced that were trumpeted as being better than what we currently had.  From time to time drugs were withdrawn from the market with little or no fanfare and their demise went unquestioned and unnoticed in most cases. Other drugs destined for withdrawal were challenged by the manufacturer and the FDA compromised and these drugs were anointed with a black box warning similar to an obituary notice and remained on the market. Today my views of the pharmaceutical manufacturers are no longer seen through rose colored glasses. In 1999, my wife was diagnosed with Lymphoma and our world was turned upside down.  My search for understanding of the illness and treatment caused me to refocus my quest for knowledge and the truth about how medicine is practiced and how the patient is treated.  The truth is shocking to me and has been compounded by my endeavor to find the Tylenol killer. Prior to the Lymphoma episode, I had hypothesized why a deranged person would adulterate Tylenol capsules with cyanide, plant them in retail stores and cause the tragic death of at least 7 people, which in reality was many more.  

I have vivid memories of the beginning of the cyanide episode which began in public on September 30th of 1982 and reemerged in 1986 with another death in New York City. One of my responsibilities at Walgreens at that time included the management of OTC (over the counter) drugs.  My view is that there were many more unrecognized deaths due to the adulterated Tylenol and the correct cause of the deaths were often misdiagnosed in the ER.  I am convinced my hypothesis is correct and my desire is to explain this to the reader.

Since 1999, I have spent a great deal of time learning the mechanics of healthcare treatment in the United States because of the Lymphoma episode as well as my quest for knowledge as to what motivated the Tylenol killer.
I have concluded that the SEC, the FBI, the FDA and most regulatory agencies in Washington are overly influenced by special interests. I believe the views of the sitting President and the political party that is dominant and the bureaucratic swamp does not always allow truth to shine through the political fog of the regulatory agency.  Could Enron, 9/11 and the Tylenol killer events been prevented if objective analysis had been the focus of these three respective agencies mentioned above? Viewpoints change as knowledge is gathered and the scope of knowledge is enlarged beyond the normal parameters of an individual’s understanding. Countering this is spin by wordsmiths skilled in perpetuating a point of view to enhance and reinforce false knowledge that benefits special interests.  My goal is to enlighten and provide knowledge that exposes the lies and half truths so the truth shines through and in the process convinces the reader that the Tylenol killer had a specific agenda that failed.

My hope is that this book will motivate individuals still alive to come forward with information that will finally identify the killer by name.
I know him by proxy.  I understand him and his motivation. He was outraged by the events that brought him to the edge of insanity. He lost the love of his life and needed to seek retribution. Finding the killer will bring closure and will not only heal the families of the innocent, but will also let the killer make peace with himself.  I’m convinced he is still alive and is about my age.

My desire to share what I have learned has been rekindled by the publication of a book called “The Tylenol Mafia” which can be viewed at .  Scott Bartz has done an amazing job of researching and documenting what transpired from April of 1982 till the end of 1986 regarding the Tylenol poisonings.  He is convinced that it was an “Inside Job” and Johnson and Johnson and the FBI were in concert to reject that theory. His first chapter revealed an event that challenged my theory, and after reexamination it has reinforced my view that the killer had a driving compulsion to destroy McNeilabs, which is just one company of this giant global business entity called Johnson and Johnson.  In physics, you learn that for every action there is a reaction.  In this case it is an eye for an eye.  The motivation was plain and simple. Revenge! Retaliate! Destroy!  Come along with me and learn how the real world of legal drugs works.  Good medicine is too often trumped by good marketing in the pharmaceutical arena, where competition is fierce and billions are there to be made or lost.  Let’s begin.

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